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8 Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve at Home

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2021-12-27 00:00

Celebrating at home with family and friends is a lovely (and perhaps more relaxing!) way to see out one year and welcome the next. It's a time for new year games for the family and a fresh start.

If you’re letting the kiddies stay up past their bedtime, it can be a good idea to have a few activities up your sleeve. Otherwise, the anticipation can be, well, a little too much to handle for some young ones! Here are 12 New Year’s Eve games activities for pint-sized party people that will make this NYE a night to remember!

1. Let’s get sparkly!

Fireworks, sparklers, confetti! NYE is all about the sparkles, so if the kids are still up when the sun goes down, send them on a sparkle hunt!)

2. Count it down

Mark the passing of the evening with a countdown calendar. It’s like an advent calendar, but for New Year’s Eve! Each hour brings a new activity or question to chat about. And confetti, did we mention there’s also confetti.

3. Bingo!

Bust out your bingo lingo for a kid-friendly game of New Year’s Eve bingo! You can find a great one for the littlies to get involved in and all the work has been done for you on Pinterest.

4. Strike a pose

Gather up the dress-ups and set up your own photo booth for some photographic fun! Look at a variety of options on Pinterest that require a little planning where you’ll need to sort out your camera set-up, but kids and adults alike will love it!

5. Pop scotch

Roll out the bubble wrap and let your little ones hop and pop into the new year! All it takes is some large bubble wrap, add a bit of color with permanent textas, lay down a little paper to make the color pop (pardon the pun!) and then tape it all down and let the stamping begin!

6. Balloon drop

You may not be in Times Square, but you can create your own balloon drop at home! Just take an old sheet, add some balloons and confetti, tie it all up and when the big moment comes release it all and let the kiddos go crazy!

7. Photo scavenger hunt

Another variation of the good ol’ treasure hunt, this year in review scavenger hunt takes your family memories from the past year and turns them into the perfect NYE game! Print out some photos, stick them onto a card, and then hide them around the house for your little ones to find. You can reminisce together when they’re all found!

8. Make a toast

Don’t leave the little ones out of the toasting action when the clock strikes 12 (or 8 or 9!). These little glasses of milk and sprinkles look so sweet and will make your littlest party people feel oh so special.

We hope you enjoy these family games for new year's eve and have a wonderful year ahead.
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