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Fun & Easy Easter Dinner Recipes

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2022-04-01 00:00

Easter is right around the corner and it’s time for good food and festivities. If you’re still thinking about what to cook, we’re here to solve your dilemma. Here are easter recipes from some of the best food bloggers to help you wow your guests. From wonderful 15 minute appetizers to savoury side dishes and layer cakes, we've got it all for you.

The Deviled Eggs

Good easter dinner recipes start with a great appetizer. The go-to appetizer for Easter, they are super simple to make, and you can create them in big batches if you’re hosting a big party for friends and family. This is an interesting and spicy take on an Easter classic. This recipe comes from Aubrey from Real Housemoms and she made it her own by adding jalapeno and bacon that will surely leave your guests wanting more. Check out the recipe of Bacon Jalapeno Eggs.

Egg Salad & Cream Puffs

If you have kids or are hosting them it is difficult to make something that they can eat easily and stays on the Easter theme. This recipe from Jeni of Jeni Eats is simple, easy, and just wonderful. The kids will think it’s all sweet and creamy, but you can fill them up with nutritious egg salad to make it a healthy meal. Here’s the recipe of Cream Puffs.

Pork Dipped in Mustard Sauce

Easter glazed ham or baked ham is so yesterday. Start a new tradition and leave your guests pleasantly surprised with this wonderful main dish by Sharon. Start by marinating the pork tenderloin a day before and then simply put it in the oven on Easter. Voila, you have a great main course served with a zing of mustard sauce that gives it that golden brown feel. Get the full recipe of Pork Tenderloin.

Cheesy Dinner Bread Rolls

An Easter dinner is incomplete without bread. This fun easter bread recipe comes from Kristin of Yellow Bliss. The cheesy bread roll will be an instant hit with everyone, including the kids. But make sure you make a lot of it because it’s going to go really fast. Check out the recipe of Parmesan Rosemary Rolls.

Carrot Cream Cheesecake

Easter dessert recipes start and finish with cakes. Or at least it feels like that. But carrots go well with the theme so why not use their deliciousness in a cake. You’ll have all these ingredients at home. But the cream cheese is what will really take it to the next level. This is one of our favourite Easter Cakes recipes.

This special occasion deserves more than mashed potatoes, dyed eggs, and coconut cakes. But if you are a fan of those, then visit our blog for more fun easter recipes in the future from egg wash to bunny cakes.
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