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5 Fun Family Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

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2022-03-02 00:00

Read our Blog on 5 Fun Activities for upcoming St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day activity does not have to be only going to the pubs and enjoying a green beer on March 17. You can have a lot more fun with your family while also educating them on the importance of St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some St. Patrick’s Day or St. Paddy Day fun activities to try with your family this year.

# Unique St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Games

No, we don’t mean Irish Soccer (football) or Rugby. These fun games include potatoes and chocolates. Get your family involved in a fun-filled game of hot potato hot potato or potato hunt (which is like an easter hunt). You can also play a classic “Pot O’ Gold” — a treasure hunt where your kids can look for gold chocolate coins. You can buy them from your local shop or make them at home.

# Go Where the Parade Is

The most prominent of all St. Patrick's day 2022 parades celebrations will happen in March in Downtown, Toronto. It is a wonderful event to celebrate the colourful and vibrant culture, heritage, and community spirit of the Irish. Your kids will love the sea of big green unique floats, leprechauns, and marching bands. The celebration has been happening since 1987 in Toronto and gives the vibes of an Irish festival and cultural feast day.

# Get Crafty

Head to your nearest art shop and get lots of green paper and craft supplies. Involve the kids to creatively design their own tiny leprechauns and leaf clovers. Let them help you deck up the house with unique green décor. Michaels Art & Craft is a great shop to get stuff for St. Patrick’s Day.

# Explore Irish Music & Movies

The best thing about Canada is the cultural diversity it offers. This has helped us enjoy a variety of cuisine, listen to a world of music, and get exposure to unique cultural traditions and art. This St. Patrick’s Day, listen to some of the best Irish artists like Enya, U2 or The Cheiftains. Our favourite movies for St. Patrick’s Day are The Secret of Roan Inish and Waking Ned Devine.

# Eat Irish Foods and Green Treats

Add a new cuisine to your palette and let your tastebuds explode. Try these unique and popular Scottish and Irish Cultural cuisines like potato dishes, soda bread, and dinner pies and take your dinner to the next level. Get the kids busy by baking green cupcakes and green milkshakes using food coloring. The whole family will get to have a wonderful time. You can also wear green clothes

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you and we hope you have a wonderful time.
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