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Things to do: Grand Cornell Park

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2021-07-22 00:00

Things to do: Grand Cornell Park

Markham — an eclectic city where the old meets the new, where nature blooms and laughter echoes every afternoon. A city of amazing attractions, suburban settings, and local landmarks surrounded by natural habitats and clean green spaces accessible to all. Nestled between this is Cornell Village, a shiny example of new urbanism that brings a sense of community through nature, arts and culture.

Situated within this natural, lively community is South Cornell's Collection of New Homes in Markham — modern residences crafted for families that seek a healthy lifestyle. Visit us at South Cornell to witness how community spaces like the Grand Cornell Park and more bring it to life.

Grand Cornell Park is just one of the many wondrous landmarks South Cornell has to offer. Sitting on an impressive six-acre passive and active space, Grand Cornell Park presents boundless opportunities to bring people together. Whether you want to channel your inner athlete at the full-size sports field, have a memorable picnic with your loved ones, read a book by the pond, or spend countless hours bird watching, the park has it all.

Grand Cornell Park succeeds as a beautiful green space characterized by its ability for families to commune with one another in nature. Keep reading for details on activities to enjoy while spending time at Grand Cornell Park.

Grand Cornell WatchTower & Bell
Towering above the trees, the Grand Cornell Tower is a 40-feet high landmark at the end of Main Street on Michelina Terrace, visible from far. The tower features a vintage clock and bell, used back in the early days to call families working in the fields home for meals. You might wonder what the inspiration behind its construction was.

Cornell Village was named after William Cornell, a Rhode Island resident related to the founder of Cornell University, Ezra Cornell. After William immigrated to Canada in 1799, his descendants settled in Markham and married into the Reesor family, who had a farmhouse on Reesor Road.

Many years later, in 2009, the Reesor family donated the elegant watchtower and bell. And now, it stands as a commemorative gesture to honour the Reesor family who settled in Cornell Village first.

Grand Cornell Playground
The Grand Cornell Playground is where the community's future learns, plays, grows and laughs. The park is designed to stimulate kid’s physical and mental development. The natural environment fosters a sense of adventure and exploration that runs seamlessly throughout the playground.

Many studies indicate that “unstructured play” or free play is crucial to a child’s brain and social development. Unstructured play is essential because it gives a child a sense of freedom and control. Children learn about themselves by setting their own rules and letting imaginations run freely.

Built with these nuances in mind, the playground at Grand Cornell Park is fully equipped to engage children of all age groups in a serene and natural setting. The play area offers a swing set, slides, jungle gyms, multiple sandboxes, chin-up bars, spring riders, trapeze rings, playhouses, and so much more. Warning: Your child may fall in love with the park and may refuse to go back home.

Grand Cornell Pond & Trail
The main attraction at Grand Cornell Park is the tranquil, paved-lined pond perfect for children and adults to enjoy. If you’re lucky and depending on the time of year, you might catch a glimpse of the swans gliding along the water.

Beside the pond is a small scenic trail that provides access for walkers, joggers and cyclists. The trail is famous for its dedicated bird-watching area, where visitors to date have identified 165 species.

If you’re planning a trip to Grand Cornell Park, check out eBird for a comprehensive list of bird sightings at the park.

For more information on Cornell Village, read more information on the Appealing Neighbourhood in Markham to see other activities around Grand Cornell Park and to connect with residents at special events.
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